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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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50th Anniversary Celebration


 October 13-15 2017


Join us in celebrating God’s Love and Faithfulness


We are excited to invite you for our 50th anniversary celebration!


On October 8, 1967 Faith held it's official opening day service!


We look forward to sharing with members, both past and present,

the history of our church, the joy of where we are now, as well as our goals for the future. 


This will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate God’s faithfulness

to our church over the past 50 years. 


To God be the Glory!




For more information:


or call (914) 769-9390



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If you would like to pre-order a FLBC 50th Anniversary T-Shirt, you can click on the link below.  You will be directed to our group order form through CustomInk.  Please note, the 50th anniversary logo that you see on the front, will be printed on the sleeve, not on the front.  

To order your shirt, please click here. 



Here is the tentative schedule for the weekend:



Friday              6:00pm            Registration

                        7:00pm            Youth Led Service

                        8:00pm            Ice Cream Social


Saturday         10:00am          Registration and Open House

                        11:30am          Opening Session

                        12:00pm          Potluck Luncheon

                        1:00pm            Seminars

                        1:30pm            Activities and Tournaments

                        3:30pm            Ministry Fair

                        4:00pm            Coffee Hour

                        5:30pm            Worship Service

                        7:00pm            Dinner


Sunday            11:00am          Worship Service

                        12:30pm          New Building Dedication

                        1:00pm            Lunch